On 16th December 2018 Uganda Flying Labs launched its UAV training program with an inaugural one-day introductory course on drones. The venue is intended as a dedicated clear and safe space to interact with, test and train drone professionals, enthusiasts and hobbyists. The 37 acre venue, kindly provided by corporate Biyinzika Poultry International, is located in Mukono District (about 20 km east of Kampala).

Six participants from various industries and vocations, including videography, construction engineering, land surveying, Police and agriculture attended the theory and practical training. This training focused on providing basics about multirotor drones and flying. The morning session involved introduction to drones and drone operations in Uganda. Participants were given insights on drone technology trends, the services available and the various international pilot certifications available.

UFL training

Uganda flying lab drone expert Emma introducing to drone technology to the participants

The session then addressed the regulations, code of conduct and best practices in flying drones in Uganda. During this session our trainer Emma Adiiba outlined and discussed the process required to get permission to fly a drone. This proved very interactive as participants were given an opportunity to voice their opinions, and ask questions, about the current state of drone regulations in the country and globally.

UFL training

Emma guiding the class before the drone flight Demo

After enjoying a supplied lunch we moved to mission planning with DJI Phantom 4 and Professional DJI Systems in afternoon. The participants were then given a 10 minute hands-on drone flight demonstration and testing, followed by each participant performing a 5 minute flight following instructions by Emma. All participants completed successfully and enjoyed a lot. The flights were then followed by a question and answer session to close the day.

UFL training

One of the participants has his first attempt at flying a drone

We would like to thank the participants who attended the training, all of whom expressed interest in more training and flying opportunities. This course by Uganda Flying Labs is a notable step in the promotion and integration of drone technology in all sectors of Uganda. Demand has proven to be strong, and our next course is scheduled for Early 2019!