Rapid Response Project

Rapid Response Project

In the fight against COVID19,Geographic infromation systems have played an important role in many aspects, including the rapid aggregation of multi-source data, balancing and management of the supply and demand of material resources and many more which provide solid spatial information to support for decision making, measures formulation and policy formulation. GIS has developed and matured relatively quickly and has a complete technological route for data preparation, platform construction, model construction and map contruction.

OpenStreetMap Uganda in collaboration with partners and Geo-Youth Mappers were awarded a micro grant to carry out a mapping project to support the different national humanitarian bodies at the front line with data and maps to enhance the relief and risk management response on the COVID19 pandemic. The teams aim at creating OSM data of Uganda’s 40 cross border entry points to help create detailed maps that will support and retool the Uganda red cross society and ministry of health surveillance efforts against the spread of coronavirus. Due to safety concerns about the different members of the mapping teams, the mapping will be done from home remotely.

The first towns to be mapped will be Mutukula (Tanzania border), followed by Busia (Kenya border), Malaba (Kenya border) and Elegu at the border with South Sudan. The location of the towns is depicted in the map below;

An Interactive map Showing the Mapped Border Towns

See full screen

The Rapid Response project is already underway and the differents teams formed are already mapping as of today, the teams will be mapping the 27 towns across the border of Uganda with Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda as prioritized as High, Medium and Low. The total area to be mapped is 513.717 square kilometers.

Different teams of mappers are already carrying out the mapping tasks as allocated to them. A refresher webinar training was carried for the different teams. OpenStreetMap Uganda was registerd as an organisation on the tasking manager and one or more members registered to set up the tasks on the tasking manager. Tasks were setup using town extent boundaries. The following resources were used to aid in the mapping as below;

  • Mapping Software-JOSM
  • Imagery being used-Maxer Premium
  • What's to be mapped?-Buildings,Roads,Waterways,POIs
  • Data Quality Checks-OSMCha
Weekly Zoom meetings are carried out to track the progress and report on the expected mapping efforts by the Mapping teams.

The Project has been running since the begining of this month as is expected to run for a period of four months

The data will be made available to OpenStreetMap, in order to support further innovation for Uganda and the different countries to learn from such approches in the fight against COVID19