This was a project carried out in conjunction with Open Data for Sustainable Development in Africa(AODC). Clean Streets is an OpenStreetMap based project that was first initiated in Los Angeles in the United States of America and was later extended to African cities upon its success and resilience benefits in USA. Kampala city was one of the 3 cities in Africa where the project was chosen to be carried out including Bo in Sierra Leone and Accra in Ghana.

waste bin

The projectwas carried out within the five divisions of Kampala city in Uganda with the main objective of creating open data for decision making and the community awareness about waste disposal in Kampala city. The project was carried out with a number of efforts from Uganda youth mappers, OpenStreetMap Uganda staff and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

Other objectives of the project included publish a clean streets toolkit usable by cities in Africa, engage citizens to gather and report data on streets, connect to city services as a consumer or supplier of the data, description of street cleanliness and outcomes and train the community on how to report on the cleanliness of the city. This includes citizen mapping, waste management alerts, government service data support, etc.

Youth Mapper collecting data

A youth Mapper collecting data in one of the divisions in Kampala

The outcomes of the project include open data for waste management authorities as well as the entire community, knowledge about the use and application of OpenStreetMap in daily waste reporting, maps (both digital web maps and printed maps) depicting waste disposal in Kampala. Safe Bodas were used by the field mappers for purposes of navigation around Kampala during data collection.


Safe Bodas were used for transportation around Kampala during data collection

The data collection results