MapUganda joined the global OSM community to celebrate the annual OSM Geography Awareness Week which happened on 15th November at Hive Colab.

The theme of the event was: Sustainable data to access to clean water and sanitation with an emphasis on creating a map that everyone has always wanted. Several WASH organizations in Uganda, including KCCA were invited to the event. There were quizzes and games for the day related to GIS and Water and Sanitation.

Speakers of the day

Chanchal Kumar from Water Uganda

Chanchal Kumar from WaterAid Uganda gave a presentation on a case study about a practical application of GIS in FSM.

Bernadette Kwebiha and Annabella from KCCA Urban planning sector shared some of the achievements in terms of waste management in Kampala Cit and plans for future development.
There was a celebration at the end, which involved cutting and sharing a cake for all the attendees.