Boats at Landing Site

Boats at a landing site

OpenStreetMap Uganda through the safe sail project is hoping to work with local water transport and fishing boat owners/companies to test and install GPS trackers on water vessels. Low Installing GPS/Tracking Devices will allow boat owners track and monitor their boats remotely and more effectively plan their travel on water.

The systems installed will also allow for easier tracking, finding and rescue of persons in distress on Uganda's water bodies. OpenStreetMap Uganda hopes to expand the project across all lakes in Uganda with the success of this pilot exercise.

Checking GPS Installation

Checking GPS Installation


GPS Tracker

We have achieved some milestones

  • Engaging and collaborating with the Marine Rescue Teams and Police.
  • Test and Pilot a possible robust sustainable and inclusive emergency water rescue system.
  • Testing Boat Tracking Using Geo.
  • Information and GPS technological systems.
  • We have engaged local leaders at various landing sites working directly with small engine run boat owners and fishermen.
  • Done ground research with local boat owners and fishermen at kibanga Landing site in Mukono along Katosi Road
Transport boat transporting passenger

A transport boat carrying passengers

Beneficiaries of this Project

  • Boat owners.
  • Boat Drivers.
  • Cargo Owners.
  • Rescue Teams and Police.
  • Water Surveillance Teams.
  • Benefits of this Project

    • Through the safe sail project boat owners and rescue teams will benefit from close to real time boat tracking services.
    • Transport boats can be tracked and rescue teams can get to the boats quickly incase of an emergency.
    • Water transport surveillance is possible with boat tracking, enforcement agencies can view and track the boats on Uganda's waters in real time.
    • We are commited to work with various stakeholders to ensure this pilot project is a success.
    • One of the major systems OpenStreetMap Uganda is looking at using Includes the following benefits

      • Completely Secure-Hosted on fully redundant services controlled by secure service gateway.
      • Geofencing-Ability to create and customize device geofences that alert the command center when boats cross borders, exclusion zones etc.
      • Enhanced map management-comprehensive map overlay and real-time, single and multi-screen views.
      • Dynamic Reporting-Automatic event triggers, customizable reporting intervals, device usage, and invoice data reporting. This is where you would set up how often a boat would transmit, and you can monitor how much each device is costing based upon boat use(Position reports, emails, messages, etc).
      • Seamless communication-Command centers can send two-way messages with those 7200 devices using bluetooth and IOS/Android device, send emails, SMS, and Emergency alerts. The Boat owner would download the HawkEye link App.
      • Remote accessible-SkyRouter is touch screen friendly on any Android and IOS device.
      • Historical trip Archive-You can display the historical position reports for a boat.

      At OpenStreetMap Uganda we have a skilled team of technicians who will support and train these tools, skills and software as partners with the various stakeholders.