Arrival in Kanara Subcounty

Mapping Kanara Subcounty and kanara Town Council

OpenStreetMap Uganda with support from the Uganda Red Cross Society from the 25th to the 28th of the November 2020 set out to assess and determine the extent of the floods in Kanara Subcounty and Kanara Town Council in Ntoroko District just south of Lake Albert using GIS, Drone Technology and Photogrammetry

The goal of the mission was to document the effects of the floods and the affected towns using Drone Technology and Interviews with the affected Communities. For this particular mission OpenStreetMap Uganda provided the Expertise in Drone Technology, Hi-Res provided Photogrammetry expertise and Red Cross provided GIS Expertise, emergency guidance and community entry and engagement. The three organisations worked collaboratively to to enable the mission to be carried out successfully.

The Data captured was processed and Analyzed to produced a map showing the before and after effects of the floods in Kanara Subcounty and Kanara Town Council .In Conclusion the mission to assess the affected areas in Kanara Subcounty and Kanara Town Council was successful. The Affected Areas were captured using Drone Technology and Orthomosaics Processed.

Chidren drawn by the Drone

Children Drawn By Drone

This information will provide stakeholders with a a better perspective of the nature and magnitude of impact, and support informed decisions to resolve the needs of the community. The orthophoto created will be uploaded to OpenAerialMap and used to set up a remote mapping tasks on the HOT tasking manager for the global OSM community to map all the features affected by the floods

Keibale  Community witnessing the drone mapping

Mission Planning Before Flight

Before and After Map

Before and After Map

A big thank you to Uganda Red Cross Society for supporting on this drone mission, to Hi-Res for support in the image processing and all other stakeholders involved in this project Execution.