OpenStreetMapUganda in collaboration with OpenGIS Uganda is working with Noble Farms Uganda Limited, private agricultural training and inputs provider to introduce open mapping GIS tools and technology to improve efficiency in their work.Noble Farms Uganda Limited provides farmers with inputs that include seeds, agricultural machinery like tractors, and training on post-harvesting. In order to effectively plan and target farmers' needs, Noble Farms with support from OSM Uganda and OpenGIS Uganda are embarking on setting up a farmer profile and needs a platform.


Participants taking GPS coordinates during the Training

The Farmer profile platform will be a low-cost GIS platform that will allow Noble farms to easily locate and monitor their farmers as well as identify their needs early enough. This will allow stock the adequate amounts of seeds and tools for the various agricultural seasons. The farmer profile platform will also allow Noble farms to plan for effective delivery, maintenance, and monitoring of the agricultural equipment supplied and hired.

Farmers in remote and rural areas of Uganda face a huge challenge accessing quality seeds and agricultural inputs, the farmer profile platform will in many cases ease the identification of farmers and allow easy location and tracking of farmers for noble farms Uganda ltd and other agricultural extension services providers to supply good quality seeds and agricultural inputs, this will also in turn help improve the farmer’s harvests and crop output.

Meeting With StakeHolders

Mobile Data Collection Meeting with StakeHolders

OpenStreetMap Uganda has continuously engaged in collaborative activities to support both private and humanitarian organizations to leverage the merits of GIS and drone technology for example in COVID 19 responses, disaster responses, urban planning.