Internship Program

Internship Program

OpenStreetMap Uganda is having an internship program which runs on a cohort basis which runs for three months each. All persons are eligible for this internship. A call is usually put out at the end of each cohort to allow new interns to apply for the internship and the selected individauls can be able to take part in this internship. The internship does not target only the local community but also the internationl community since the internship is online.

Transport means

Online Training Using JOSM to Edit OSM

The internship program aims at giving the interns skills from knowledge about the openstreetmap, comtributing to the openstreetmap and data quality tools, Mobile data collection, introduction to basic GIS and QGIS, introduction to drone technology and image processing, plus other soft skills are passed on to the interns through the biweekly workshops held with the interns. These workshops include career guidance, networking and sharing of experiences. At the end of these internships some outstanding interns are taken up to our projects.

Internship trainers meeting

Internship Trainers Meeting

At the moment OpenStreetMap Uganda has passed out two internship cohorts and preparing for the thrird cohort. Many of the interns who have been passed out have testified to how great this opportunity has been to them and how it has been life changing to them.

OpenStreetMap Uganda looks forward to work with more interns and have more come on board this project. Look out for more information about applying for this project on out social media handles and website.