Edirisa is a private sector enterprise seeking to facilitate tourism as a means for economic development. Besides using multimedia tools to promote the Gorilla Highlands region, Edirisa also offers lodging and canoe trekking. Director Miha Logar invited the OSM Uganda team at Lake Bunyonyi to increase map literacy in the region and refine OpenStreetMap’s coverage of the area.

The training took place between June 2nd to 3rd 2017, with:

  • Edirisa staff.
  • Four Uganda Wildlife Authority guides from Bwinidi Impenetratable Bational Park
  • An Eco-toursim Association volunteer from Echuya
  • A guide from Mutanda Lake Resort, and
  • Two AidData Summer Fellows.

Remote Mapping

The second day of the training focused on the practical application of remote mapping. Using Android phones and the OpenMapKit application the group canoed to a nearby island and practiced tracking various villages, structures, land uses, and businesses. Training was concluded with a final session on reading a physical map. Even the most recently published maps fail to capture contemporary structures; OpenStreetMap will allow detail to be added and mistakes to be corrected by the Bufuka community.

Mapping tools

This training highlighted the unique ability for OpenStreetMap to coalesce real-time location data to capture changing networks more effectively. Hopefully, learning the process of tracking and digitizing data will allow training participants to continue increasing accessibility to the Gorilla Highlands.