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According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics(UBOS), 2% of Ugandans have access to computers. It is our mission as OpenStreetMap Uganda to provide a more accessible, hands-on and sustainable digital learning approach to skill all youth across Uganda and Africa. This programme is aimed at introducing the Africa Digital Access Initiative platform to over ten thousand (10,000) teachers in Uganda and it is focussing on equipping teachers and students with ICT skills and access to digital equipment.

Tumusiime Ronald Inspiring teachers
Teachers of Muramba High School, Kisoro district.

This initiative is to enhance student and teacher hands-on learning in schools especially in the remote areas of Uganda where there is no or limited access to computers in schools.

Ongoing Training
Kigezi Region Lead (Medius Mahirwe), Training Students of St Peter’s Vocational Secondary School, Kisoro District.

Schools located in the outskirts of town areas have ICT teachers to comply with the new education curriculum but it was observed that they have basic knowledge as learnt in the training institutions therefore, the programme will help enhance their knowledge in the field of interest whereas computers (and other digitalization tools) are provided during training sessions in schools that have no/limited access to the digitization tools such as computers, smartphones, drones among others.

Some schools have computer laboratories but it was evident that the use of these machines was very limited especially for the teachers as one disclosed it was his first time to ever touch a computer in his life. This is possible because the computer laboratories are locked most times and are only accessible once in a while which leads to low or limited usage of the equipment hence no knowledge growth in the ICT area.

teacher in training
A teacher (Mr. Mahingura Samuel) at Kabami Secondary School, Kisoro District was happy about creating an email for the first time

Most schools have no computers due to challenges such as access to hydro power (electricity), so they resort to alternative sources (solar energy) that mainly power only the lighting of the institution, hence not having enough power to actually access the ICT equipment required. OSM Uganda under the Africa Digital Access Initiative Programme would like to thank the schools that have taken up this initiative to make the programme successful and impactful in the society. We also thank our current partners, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Uganda for supporting 10 schools in the program to have the services.

We look at the growth of the initiative and call upon the different partners to support schools in their areas of operation to enroll in the program.

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