About Us

OpenStreetMap Uganda (MapUganda) is a registered NGO working across Uganda, promoting Community mapping, and GIS awareness, actively creating, contributing to open datasets, and building a network of enthusiastic community mappers in Uganda.

MapUganda contributes its mapping to the global OpenStreetMap platform(https://www.openstreetmap.org). MapUganda has been operating since 2012 and has worked with international organisations, including the World Bank and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), to execute data collection, capacity building, and information systems strengthening in Uganda.

Our capacity to promote the use of open-source software across a variety of institutions including colleges, universities, governmental organizations, and the private sector is what gives us our strength. We also owe this ability to the volunteer network, community members, and members of the community. In order to assist decision-makers in resolving issues faced by communities, we develop datasets through mapping, such as disaster response for floods, landslides, waste management, etc.

Our Vision

To have a vibrant OpenStreetMap community in Uganda, which is united, organised, and growing to assist, and get involved in National and global development goals.

Our Mission

To have a greater capacity for open data, open source, and to apply these principles to assist organisations and individuals locally, and internationally to manage and solve social, economic, and community challenges.

Our Objectives

  •  To build a network of mappers throughout Uganda
  •  To provide training and capacity building that will enable individuals and organizations manage social, economic and community challenges.
  •  Set up programs to promote awareness of the organization activities among citizens through, public lectures, seminars, workshops, research, publications and mapping events.
  •  To create opportunities for members in the network to engage in global sustainable development initiatives.
  •  To promote innovations from community members that will provide solutions to challenges in their communities for social and economic development.
  •  To create resilient communities that can respond to local, national and global efforts that meet sustainable development goals.

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