Training Services

Mapping Training

At Map Uganda we map for resilience, providing solutions to problems using maps and spatial analysis. Thus we offer mapping and GIS training to orgaizations, companies and individuals so as to equip them with the necessary toolsthey use in their fields of expertise. We offer customized GIS training, GIS basic, intermediate and advanced GIS, mobile mapping using open-source GIS tools.

Our training services include;

  • Data collection
  • Data Analysis
  • GIS training/Analysis using GIS
  • Making Maps/Cartography
  • Imagery processing
  • Online interactive maps

KCCA Training

Do you want to get involved?

We have a team of active trainers ready to give you all the information available to enable you achieve your goals through mapping.

We use open source tools, that can easily be accesed by anyone. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for this great experience. We leave no stone unturned.