At the genesis of the new leadership of the Good Mappers Chapter 2017, we were privileged to look at how we can build a big community towards the contribution to OpenStreetMap through taking OSM to secondary schools and also recruiting new members into the chapter.

Having been part of the HOT mapping project, where were mapping for Malaria Elimination in areas of; Guatemala, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mali, Laos, Cambodia, among others, many chapter members got inspired by the works of OSM data in eliminating malaria. During the course of this big project, HOT set up a Global YouthMappers challenge where all youth mappers chapters across the world participated, and we were privileged to emerge as winners of the final stage of the competition. With the motivation to do more even after the competition and still make impact in the world where a lot of help is needed in disaster affected areas and building the strong OSM community, as a chapter we decided to devote our cash prize to expanding our chapter by introducing first year students to mapping and involving them in chapter activities and also extend OSM to secondary schools. We initiated them to the club by opening accounts on OpenStreetMap for them and introduced them to mapping tools like ID EDITOR and JOSM . We also assigned to them mentors to help them grow in OSM and also get help whenever they face any mapping challenges.

Mapathon at Busitema University

We started with a survey of the secondary schools in Tororo District Uganda to find a school with a good mapping environment. As a result, Tororo Girls School met the minimum standards in our reach to extend OpenStreetMap activities to the younger generation.

Survey at Tororo Girls School OpenStreetMap in Secondary Schools is one of the areas of interest that as a chapter we decided to look into expanding more of the contribution to OpenStreetMap. This is a concept where we want to involve the younger generation especially high school going students in our near by community. The students would be introduced to OpenStreetMap, explained to what it is, why they need it and further more how is it relevant in their lives.

As a chapter we tried to identify schools with standards like a fully stocked computer lab with enough computers for which students would use , internet access which would readily be available as mapping is not possible without internet. Also we were looking at students in non-candidate classes and as well as have an idea on how to operate computers and are comfortable using them. This would help the students not to be occupied by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many others but rather be occupied by mapping and contributing for a humanitarian cause.

In our first visit to the school we met the Head of Department ICT Tororo Girls School who liked the idea of introducing OpenStreetMap to the students which he said would help students to be occupied and develop the student's skills in computer applications and as well as improve social media usage by promoting humanitarian cause to their peers. “The students are addicted to social media and are always in the computer lab even during class hours facebooking.” said Mr.Kawulu Jamal (HOD ICT TORORO GIRLS SCHOOL)

After successfully having a dialog with the Teacher and a tour of the school computer lab ,we drafted a work plan for implementation of OpenStreetMap in Secondary schools. This would also Aid in the building of the OpenStreetMap club at the secondary School.

Tororo Girls School Computer Laboratory

During implementation, tasks will be created for the students to work on and as well to check on how well they will have learnt to map without errors in their edits to Openstreetmap.

WORK PLAN FOR TORORO GIRLS SCHOOL 30th September 2017 - OpenStreetMap (OSM) in secondary schools , Mapathon 7th October 2017 - OpenStreetMap Training at Tororo Girls School 14th October 2017 - Mapathon Visit to Tororo Girls School 21st October 2017 - OpenStreetMap in Secondary Schools Mapathon 28th October 2017 - Visit to Tororo Girls School 4th November 2017 - Visit to Tororo Girls School and Mapathon

Written by:

Jabar Jeremy Humphrey

Chapter President

Good Mappers, Busitema University