April 28 2016 at Gulu University, the day started with a highlight of OpenStreetMap, Financial Services Mapping, and an interactive session of various ways and examples of maps being used in real life. The participants were taken through the practical steps of contributing to OpenStreetMap, and setting up OpenDataKit and OpenMapKit on Android devices. Morning introduction, Q&A Session at Gulu University Computer Lab

The other objective was to inspire and support existing mapping/OpenStreetMap communities. Data collection was carried out within the city, with a stable network coverage, making it possible to use the online Humanitarian Basemap instead of having to create mbtiles files beforehand. Mappers at Gulu University Collecting data with OpenMapKit

The training was also facilitated together with four of the mappers (Hotties) that took part in the mapping of 22 Districts in Eastern Uganda, and Kampala. Demonstrating the process of downloading ODK instances for validation, and some of the financial services mapped in Gulu town

The head of Computer Science, Mr. Benedict Oyo, stressed the importance of maps and GIS as vital components of most of the sectors of the country: education, computing, health, finance, agriculture, and advised the students to take up and utilise the skills provided to them in such training activities.

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