As with Gulu University, there was similar interest in Fort Portal at Uganda pentecostal University: Over Forty Participants were taken through OpenStreetMap and other mapping tools. The participants had been asked to create accounts on OpenStreetMap, and install OpenMapKit prior to the training.  Instructions to Create accounts and Install ODK

OpenMapKit was once again used with the Online Humanitarian Basemap for data collection, with a dedicated internet connection on the mobile phones while collecting the financial, health and schools data in the field. Data was collected from selected streets in Fort Portal, and uploaded to OpenStreetMap. Validating the data (Instances) collected from the field with JOSM

With the expressed interest in OpenStreetMap, the export tool, and HOT tasking manager, the participants at Uganda Pentecostal University actively requested to have a week’s training to gain more skills in mapping as the single day training was not enough to exhaust all the tools that were introduced. So the OpenStreetMap Community will be planning on holding a follow up session to meet the above interest. Using the HOT Export tool, and the Tasking Manager

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