• We are

    Building maps for the community

  • We use
    open data and open source tools

    to solve some of the world's biggest problems

  • Performing GIS/mapping training
    with communities

    to build a network of enthusiastic mappers in Uganda

Building Maps for the community

MapUganda is a registered NGO working in and out of Kampala, accross Uganda, and promotes community mapping, generates map awareness, actively pledges open data sets and builds a network of enthusiastic mappers in Uganda.

All activities are set up around the global OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. OSM is a map and database whereby the stored geographic data is owned by the contributors themselves: allowing everyone to view, create, use this information for free, in new and innovative ways.


Clean Streets results

This is a map of Kampala, Uganda showing all garbage collection points like waste baskets, Waste disposal and recycling Containers.

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Our Vision

To have a greater capacity for open data, open source, and applying these principles to assist organizations, individuals locally, and internationally to manage and solve social, economic and community challenges.

We offer GIS training and support to organizations, companies and individuals

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Profiling the latest news from our activities and other news can be found on our blog.

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